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Astro Fx Hub Insights lets you diversify your portfolio by investing in a global selection of stocks, ETFs, Futures, carefully screened and curated into portfolios just for you. Trade more than 600 products including Forex, Share CFDs, Commodities, Indices, and Metals with Astro Fx Hub MetaTrader 4 & 5 trading platforms..

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Astro Fx Hub is built for all to start trading a live account from day one without hiccups.

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We have both Metatrader 4 and 5 available for your FOREX funded account. Trade with ease with the trading platform you prefer!

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Our 24/7 support team is available for all your FOREX Funded account needs, day or night we are there for you. When you need us we are always there to assist.

We are a community!

Talk actively with us, our community and our fans on discord. We provide talks and information in real time to actively promote good behavior in trading. Join our discord and see what all the fuss is about!

Automated FOREX Funded Accounts!

Get your funded trader accounts immediately after program purchase. No waiting, get your FOREX funded account instantly upon purchase of your chosen program. You no longer have to wait to get started today

Funded Forex Account Bonuses!

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Get 2% of your trading profits by passing phase 1 and 4% of your trading profits by passing phase 2. Get paid on your journey to a forex funded account.

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We pay 112% refund when you reach your first profit split. Why settle for just a refund when you can get rewarded for reaching a new milestone!

◉ VIP Reward Program

With a 90% profit split, withdraws at any time with no restrictions, semi-automated payout confirmations (Money in your Deel account within 10 hours), and many more surprising gifts, our VIP Program is here to change the game. Earn your VIP place now.

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(Trades full time for a living)

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Astro Fx Hub has had the best traders and accounts managers we have ever came across as trading veterans, this is the goto platform.

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I've always loved to invest but with a verified trading system. This platform gave me an opportunity to invest with less stress.

Tyler ******

Astro Fx Hub has developed a personal plan for me that allows me to take much greater control of my financial affairs, and plan for the future.

Martha ******

At Astro Fx Hub we are always happy to hear about our prospective investors insights, constructive criticism and feedback. We like to know where we can improve and grow with you. Take your time and see what others are saying about us and join our discord!