Astro Fx Hub has proudly forged a partnership with Trading Central, bringing you an enhanced trading experience through sophisticated decision support.

A suite of programs offering actionable support, Trading Central offers 24-hour multi-asset coverage, technical and fundamental analysis and back-tested trading strategies.

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Why use Trading Central?

Sophisticated analysis

Trading Central offers sophisticated technical and fundamental analysis. Actionable market news can be delivered directly via WebTV or email – trading strategies can be built within the platform.

Premium analytics

The platform provides premium analytics for chart interactions, fully compatible with both MT4 and MT5. It’s a smart suite of programs giving better insight into your trades.

Insightful Analytics

Technical Insight
Technical Insight™ offers actionable, technical analysis on virtually every financial instrument, helping you optimise strategies. Balancing proactive analytics, education and customisation, Technical Insight empowers you to take control of your trading decisions.

Analyst expertise

Analyst Views
Analyst Views is the world’s only financial market research solution combining senior analyst experience with automated algorithms. Patented pattern recognition monitors global markets 24/7, covering over 8,000 instruments and updating analysis whenever new price levels are met.

Always informed

Get investment insight, right in your inbox. Trading Central's newsletters keep you updated on market movement by offering unbiased trading ideas, in-context education and investment validation.

Pattern recognition indicators

Alpha Generation
Alpha Generation supports decision-making with three innovative indicators representing market psychology, new opportunity identification and potential entry/exit points. Indicators are integrated into MetaTrader MT4/MT5 charts.

Research to act on

TC Research Platform
World-class research in a stylish, modern interface. The award-winning methodologies of Trade Central’s research desk combine with powerful pattern recognition, giving traders actionable research around the clock.

Important notice

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