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Forex CFDs

Forex is the world’s most traded financial market. Open 24hrs a day with unmatched liquidity. The opportunities to trade foreign currency price movements are endless. With powerful tools like MT4 and MT5, we help you intuitively analyse and manage your FX trading.

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Access 50+ currency pairs

Tight, competitive spreads

Leverage up to 500:1

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Shares CFDs

Trade AU, US & HK share CFDs with us and take advantage of all market conditions. By speculating on price movements without owning underlying shares, you can benefit even in bearish territory. You get the MetaTrader 5 platform’s superior tools plus low commissions.

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200+ ASX Shares, 80+ US Shares and 70+ HKEX Shares

Leverage up to 5:1

24/5 dedicated client support

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Index CFDs

Indices track groups of listed shares, so you access whole stock markets with these CFDs. You trade the underlying asset’s price movement without buying the actual asset. Indices trading gives you exposure to shares, without the cost and research of individual stock investment.

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Trade popular markets like FTSE 100, CAC 40, US 500 and ASX 200

Access leverage up to 20:1

Trade long and short

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Metal CFDs

With values driven by supply and demand, precious metals are a fast-moving global market. Astro Fx Hub lets you trade metals like Gold and Silver with the benefit of award-winning technology, informative broker data, competitive spreads and low margins.

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Access a range of precious metal pairs

Trade without buying physical metals

Powerful platforms

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Commodity CFDs

Resources like oil and precious metals are economic fundamentals creating one of the world’s most heavily-traded markets. By representing physical goods, our CFDs let you trade price movement across a wide range of essential commodities.

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Trade one of the world’s most liquid markets

Lower trading cost

Fast trade execution

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